Independent Cancer Providers

Why Choose Independent Cancer Providers

Having cancer can be expensive. The patient’s financial stressors may thwart their ability to concentrate on staying well and fulfilling the best course of treatment plans. Choosing an independent oncology and hematology practice alleviates some of those concerns. A recent study conducted by Xcenda and Lucio Gordan, MD, Medical Director in the Division of Quality and Informatics at Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute confirmed that hospital-based cancer care for patients undergoing chemotherapy is 60 percent more expensive than the same quality treatment at community-based (independent) oncology practices. Researchers reviewed medical and pharmacy claims to determine that hospital-based cancer care, on average, costs $19,471 per patient per month. Medical costs averaged just $12,103 per patient per month at independently owned oncology practices.

The numbers speak for themselves with a significant reduction in the cost of physician visits and chemotherapy for Charleston Oncology’s cancer patients. “Compassionate care and among the largest offering of clinical trials in the area continue to be at the center of our practice mission,” says Dr. Gene Saylors. Charleston Oncology took that commitment to quality, cost effective care another step further by merging the two largest independent practices in the area. “When Charleston Oncology and Hematology Associates and Charleston Cancer Center merged the benefits to our patient community grew exponentially. Truly stronger together, this decision allowed us to stay true to our mission of compassion, continue to provide quality care at a better price, and increase access to clinical trials and providers across the Lowcountry.”

Independent community practices also enjoy a much lower emergency room utilization rate following chemotherapy. The emergency department visit rate within 72 hours and 10 days after chemotherapy is 24 percent higher among patients from hospital-based settings. When you see your cancer specialist, unexpected charges are unwelcome surprises. In a hospital- based practice, billing often includes additional hospital "facility fees." Even those with excellent insurance coverage find that these added expenses matter.

As an independent practice, Charleston Oncology has flexibility as to which diagnostic, procedure, and treatment resources we use. In house laboratory, radiology services, infusion, and pharmacy services significantly lower the cost to patients.  The providers at Charleston Oncology have the freedom to choose the best possible specialists and hospital services as needed. When additional consultation or specialty care is needed, we will arrange and manage this referral, no matter where it is, so you will get the best care based on your unique diagnosis and treatment needs.  We enjoy privileges and work closely with all area providers and hospitals.


Making a financial plan can help you lower your stress and focus on your health and

well-being. Our supportive counselors at Charleston Oncology meet with each patient to create the best plan moving forward.

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