Mindfulness is the opposite of “mind fullness.” It’s the ability to focus on exactly what is happening at the moment. Having cancer is STRESSFUL!! Empower yourself – take an active role in improving your health and well-being by have mindfulness and your cancer journey.

Here are 10 different things to help you achieve Mindfulness are:

1. Focusing on 1 activity –  Slowing down and concentrating on one activity  we instill calmness and focus.

2.  Yoga and Exercise – Make time to exercise and detox from your busy day.

3.  Cooking – At the end of a busy day, cooking can be a chore, but when you “throw it on the table,” you’re missing an opportunity for mindfulness. Slow down and really look at your ingredients. Focus on the smell, taste and feel of the food in your hands. Bringing together even a simple dish is a work of creation. Mindfully enjoy it and cooking becomes a relaxing focal point to the day.

4.  Eating – Once you’ve mindfully created dinner, why not mindfully eat it? The secret to filling your life with simple pleasures (and food has to be right up there) is to actually pay attention to them. Eat slowly and really taste your food. Your body deserves to be fed and your consciousness deserves to savor it.

5.  Conversation – Whether it’s dinnertime with the family or throughout the day, good conversation requires mindfulness. Do you know that flow that comes when you’re talking with a friend and time flies by? That’s mindfulness and it’s amazing. Resolve to get more of it by mindfully focusing on whoever you’re talking to at the moment.

6.  Simple Tasks – When I was a young lawyer, I lived in an apartment by myself for a few years. At the end of my very long, crazy days, I’d find myself washing the dishes and really enjoying it. It was quiet, the soap and warm water relaxed me and I was able to start and finish a project. (If you’ve ever had a job where nothing ever seems to resolve or be finished, you know what I mean.)  I didn’t know what mindfulness was at the time, but that’s what I was experiencing and it was very satisfying.

7.  Relaxation – Being mindfully connected to the moment of relaxation (and not running unending to-do lists through my head) is the goal.

8.  Sex – When you’re joyfully and completely engaged in sex, that’s you in a mindful state.

9.  Meditation – Research shows that meditating for only 20 to 30 minutes a day
• lowers blood pressure
• improves memory!
• boosts immune system!
• improves sleep
• reduces anxiety and depression

10. Silence –  How can we be mindfully aware of any one thing with so many distractions constantly swirling around us? With all of our 24/7 gadgetry, we’ve forgotten that moments of silence are necessities. Resolve to turn off the unnecessary noise in your day and seek out silence (or as close to silence as you can get.) Making moments of silence a priority makes mindfulness a possibility.