If the Patient is very neutropenic, meaning the counts are .5 of “500”, the patient’s physician may recommend special dietary measures to prevent the patient from bacteria and other organisms that are found in some foods and drinks.


Uncooked vegetables and fruit (they can have thick skinned fruits such as apples, raw bananas, grapefruit, or oranges that are washed in cold water and peeled by a nurse or family member, or dried frozen fruits), raw rare meats, soft cheeses, cheeses with mold, uncooked or semi-cooked egg, salad bars, fruit bars, fresh deli meats(vacuum packed meats are acceptable), raw nuts, unpasteurized dairy products, yogurt products with live cultures, pasta salad, or potato salad with raw veggies or eggs, colds soups such as gazpacho, buffets and salad bars, and sushi or sashimi.

**Here at Charleston Hematology Oncology Associates we will check labs every time before treatment. If the labs show you may be neutropenic we will let you know. **