November is National Caregiver Month!

It is a time when we can recognize our caregivers and family members that go above and beyond for our Patients here at Charleston Hematology Oncology Associates.

Celebrating Family Caregivers during NFC month enables all of us to:

There are more than 44 million Americans who are active caregivers right now. They volunteer their time to take care of their friends and family members.

National Family Caregivers Month, began in 1994 as a week-long event inaugurated by the National Family Caregiver Association. President Clinton signed the first Presidential Proclamation in 1997, and each successive president has followed suit. Now, we set aside a month to honor and celebrate the invaluable contributions caregivers make to families and community.

Please give a big thank you to all of our caregivers here at CHOA and remind them they are also important during a patients Cancer Journey.