Lung Clinical Trials

BMS CA 209-153 Stage 4 NSCLC after progression for Stage 4 disease treatment (had multiple lines of metastatic treatment) Opened 7/30/2014 with our site enrolling 25 patients. Opdivo FDA approval of this drug in this setting for this patient population was March 4, 2015. We continue to have patients on this trial that are over 2 years out and continue to have phenomenal results. – closed to enrollment

BMS CA 209-568 1st Line Stage 4 NSCLC combination treatment of Yervoy with Opdivo currently with 8 patients enrolled. These patients started as early as July 2016 and all the patients continue to have either stable disease or partial responses on their respective CT scans – enrollment on hold and anticipated to reopen this quarter

Merck 407 is our 1st line metastatic NSCLC in the squamous cell type with Keytruda. Currently have 1 patient on treatment with a partial response recorded – Currently enrolling

BMS CA 209-370 1st Line metastatic NSCLC with Xalkori and Nivolumab. Successfully enrolled 1 patient in this cohort with partial response to disease noted. Patient was on treatment for 3 months however BMS pulled the plug doe to safety signals noted for hepato-toxicity. Note our patient is the only patient that did not have hepato-toxicity on the combination treatment – Enrollment closed

BMS CA 209-370 1st Line Metastatic NSCLC with Nivolumab. Successfully enrolled 2 patients with both patients having 2 months of stable disease while on treatment. – Enrollment closed

Roche GO 29436 1st Line Stage 4 NSCLC with Atezolizumab – Enrollment closed prior to our site enrolling a patient

BMS CA 209 -384 Nivolumab frequency in NSCLC patients – currently enrolling

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